Super Junior finally speaks up about Hankyung

During an interview with various press members, Super Junior revealed their feelings regarding their Chinese member Hankyung’s absence.

These days, Super Junior has been promoting with ten members. Kangin is enlisting in the army soon, Kibum is concentrating on acting and Hankyung is caught in a legal feud with SM Entertainment.

Leeteuk commented,

“I think we forgot that Hankyung was a Chinese person because we worked with him for so long. It’s like how a family sometimes don’t share their feelings with each other because they see each other constantly. We didn’t really listen to each other’s problems. I thought about what a hard time Hankyung had to be in to do this. If he has a change of heart, his place is still empty so I hope he returns.”

Although Kangin and Kibum have been supporting Super Junior on their comeback, Hankyung has currently cut off his contact with the members. Let’s hope his issues with SM Entertainment are resolved soon!

credit : allkpop

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[NEWS] SUlli f(x) and Heechul are twins?

Who knew f(x)’s Sulli had a long lost twin?

This recent selca has been attracting a lot of attention and obviously you can see why.

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul posted this photo on his Cyworld minihompy today and titled it: Sulhee where he wrote,

“I took this photo with my f(x) dongseng after filming. I took on the role of Sulli.” (그는 ‘f(x) 동생들이랑 촬영한 후 찍었다. 난 설리 역할을 맡았고..’라며 사진을 소개했다.)

He added: “11 years difference. To try to make our age difference not as obvious, I even tried to do a bboo-ing bboo-ing (type of expression), however, compared to Sulli’s ‘heh heh~’ smile, I’m just a candle next to a typhoon. Time is like an arrow sigh..Sulli is proof.” (11살 차이. 나이차를 줄여보기 위해 뿌잉뿌잉도 해보고 다 해봤지만 설리의 ‘헤헤~’ 웃음 앞에선 그저 태풍앞의 촛불일 뿐. 세월은 화살같구나 참..설리가 진리)

Heechul sure is odd… but entertaining.

credit: allkpop

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[NEWS] TVXQ’s Yoochun locked lips with T-ara’s Eunjung?

Apparently so! It’s been revealed that TVXQ’s Yoochun shared a kiss with T-ara’s leader Eunjung for TVXQ’s drama Dating on Earth (지구에서 연애 중) back in 2006.

Eunjung’s involvement with this drama marked her debut into the acting scene.

Many fans were already aware that these two made appearances on the same drama after the subject arose last month; however, the specific topic of a supposed kiss has become a hot issue today. Through an online site, netizens said things like, “It seems like Eunjung prepared a lot to debut with T-ara” & “Her appearance has a different charm than the one she has nowadays.”

A peck, saliva swap, two-tongued tango – no matter how mild or scandalous this kiss was, I’m sure Cassiopeians are going to be all over this one. Eunjung, get your helmet on!

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[TRANS]100204 TVXQ claimed 3 TOPs At Oricon Ranking!

TVXQ won the first place in Japanese Oricon Monthly Ranking Chart by sale results of only five days! TVXQ released their 29th single “BREAK OUT!” on January 27th. And it was announced to have taken the first place of the monthly sale ranking of January 2010 only in five days.

And also it marks TVXQ to be:
(1) The top of the Oricon single day ranking chart,
(2) The top of the Oricon weekly ranking chart,
(3) And also the top of the Oricon monthly ranking chart! (*Only In five days! )

Though album publicity work was not performed due to the conflict with the SM entertainment, TVXQ suppressed the Japanese famous artists and placed such results. ^^

Source credits: Chuo Nippo (Daily)
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[NEWS] Super Junior rude behaviour??

Idol group Super Junior just can’t seem to stay away from controversy.

Last night, the 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards took place, where Super Junior picked up three awards. But it was also Super Junior member Kyuhyun’s 22nd birthday.

Anyway, during the awards show, Super Junior members celebrated Kyuhyun’s birthday at their table with a birthday cake. Netizens are appalled at this behavior, as they found it rude that they would do such an act at a prestigious awards ceremony. Their reasoning is that, instead of honoring and celebrating the artists who were winning awards on stage, they brought out a cake to celebrate Kyuhyun’s birthday. In addition, there was a magic show on stage from Lee Eun Kyul, but because of Super Junior’s celebration, all of the attention was shifted onto them, furthering the anger from netizens.

Netizens have been commenting, “That’s disrespectful to the award winners on stage,” “An award ceremony is a celebratory setting, but this type of behavior is too excessive,” “It’s disappointing to see that they can’t distinguish between public and private affairs,” “If they were rookies, would they have been able to do such a thing.”


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[TRANS] 010204 Evisu's 2010 S/S Advertisement Campaign With U-Know Yunho

Oriental Unique Jean casual brand Evisu had an advertisement photoshoot on January 12th in a studio in Seoul for their 2010 S/S collection.

This advertisement has been receiving high marks as photographer Hong Jang Hyun and stylist Hong Yeon collaborated for the photoshoot.

Asia's star TVXQ's U-Know Yunho and fashion model Kim Mi Jung were chosen once more to be the models for Evisu's advertisement campaign following last season.

Also, these two plan on continuing the 'S.O.S Campaign' with Evisu from 2009 that strives to protect and love the environment and nature.

S.O.S. is the acronym for 'Save Our Smiles' and hopes to protect the environment and nature so that our environment can smile. Campaign t-shirts have been released, and diverse marketing and promotion events are set to take place this year.

Source: [bnt news+Yuaerubi]
Translation credits:
Shared by: @ dbsknights

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Narsha says Donghae was better looking before debut?

Fanboys will soon be hunting a special someone down, as Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha picked Super Junior’s Donghae as her ideal man.

On the upcoming episode of Star Golden Bell, there was a section where male idols picked their favourite female idol. The person who got the most votes was none other than Narsha. Singer Evan, who was on the show, said “She is very sexy on stage. I think Narsha is the trend these days.”

After picking Narsha as their favourite, everyone was wondering who her favourite male idol was. She picked Donghae, and said, “I saw a predebut video of him, and I was surprised by his good looks. I think he was more handsome back then.”

This episode will air on January 30th, 5:15PM KST.

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[NEWS] TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu contracts virus!

TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu has contracted a virus infection and hasn’t been in good shape lately. On the 18th, Junsu received treatment at the hospital for this virus.

Junsu’s representative stated:

“Starting from the 17th, Xiah Junsu was feeling pain and dizziness. He visited the hospital for a check up and they determined he had contracted a virus infection which has made him lethargic.”

Junsu received shots and IV treatments at the hospital and is now taking a rest at home. Although they are saying it is not a serious infection, it has been revealed that Xiah Junsu was receiving treatment at the hospital for about one week.

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[INFO] TVXQ’s Micky Yoochun keeps it ballin’

Back in February of 2009, TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s Micky Yoochun was spotted driving around in a $125,000 AUdi R8. Looks like he’s traded in his coupe for a sedan as a Porsche Panamera was spotted in his parking spot. Depending on if he got the Turbo model or not, prices range from ($90,000 Base S model up to $140,000 Turbo model).

If having a “slave contract” allows me to date hot women, live in nice condo’s, and drive six figure cars… where do I sign up? Thanks to luvmicky for the tip.


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[NEWS] Big Bang and TVXQ awarded as Cultural Ambassadors

In 2009, the boys of Big Bang and TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki focused solely on the Japanese market as they released albums in Japan but none in Korea.

Both groups had successful campaigns in Japan as TVXQ won numerous awards and held concerts at the Tokyo Dome while Big Bang won newcomer / rookie awards. Because of their success overseas, both groups will be awarded with the title of Cultural Ambassadors by the Cultural Tourism Board, the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE).

The translated article by sshutingg @

Both five-member groups Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang received the exceptional recognition of being “Cultural Ambassadors.”

The private organization from the Cultural Tourism Board, the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) stated, “Due to the contributions they have made in the development of the cultural aspect through popular music, we have decided to appoint/award them as ‘Cultural Ambassadors’ as a form of recognition.”

They have produced the most number of successful album records even in such a difficult period of time in the music industry, and have been energetically involved in both local and overseas activities; these are the main reasons behind this award.

A representative from KOFICE said, “This honor was awarded based on those who have contributed to the cultural industry on a yearly basis. Every year, this award has been given to those working in the cultural field, but this year is an exception as it has been given to idol groups.”

They added, “As both Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang are busy with their schedules, the official announcement will be made later in January.”

Congratulations to both groups and I hope 2010 is even more successful than 2009 for both groups.

credit: allkpop

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TVXQ and Big Bang on Music Station Live

On the December 25th Christmas Special edition of Music Station Live in Japan, two of Korea's biggest groups, TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki and Big Bang were invited to be on the show.Both groups had a brief interview and performed their hit singles, TVXQ performing Stand By You and Big Bang performing Gara Gara Go. Out of these two performances the thing that stood out the most for me was T.O.P.'s hair... he's got a huge fro.
credit: allkpop
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[LINK VIDEO] TVXQ preview single, Break Out

Bigeastation finally airing the preview of TVXQ's new single, Break Out. Great to know that they united and done this song..

Check out the preview

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[TRANS] 091207 3 Members Of TVXQ End Japanese Schedule & Returns To Korea For Fanmeet

The 3 members of TVXQ, Hero Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun, who are in conflict with their management company, have completed their end of the year schedules in Japan and returned to Korea through Gimpo Airport.

On 12 December, they will meet their fans at Koryeo University during the "Smile Again" activity, but U-know Yunho and Choikang Changmin will not be attending the event.

Due to the 3 members returning to Korea, Gimpo Airport was in a frenzy. They were also tightly surrounded by fans. Xiah Junsu, who returned, was obviously fatigued.

Source: [Newsen + TVXQasia]
Translation credits:
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[NEWS] Super Junior to release Sorry Sorry remix and album!

On the 9th, Super Junior will release remixes of their 2009 hit songs 'Sorry Sorry' and 'It's You' through Melon, Lunchbox(도시락) and Cyworld.

'Sorry Sorry' will be remixed into an R&B version called 'Sorry, Sorry-Answer,' and it will be about a guy who falls for a feminine yet independent girl. This version of their hit song has garnered much interest after it was played as background music during their last concert.

In related news, Super Junior's live album, 'Super Junior THE 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT ALBUM Super Show 2' will be released on the 10th. This album will consist of 2 CDs full of all their hit songs from their concerts. Super Junior-K.R.Y, Super Junior-T, Super Junior-M and performances/parodies made by each of the members will be included. Some of the songs that will be included are: 'Sorry Sorry', 'Sorry, Sorry-Answer', 'It's You', 'Shining Star', 'Puff the Magic Dragon' and their cover of SNSD's 'Gee'.

Finally, on the 12th, Super Junior will be headed to Nanjing for their next 'Super Junior THE 2nd ASIA TOUR CONCERT Super Show2' concert.

credit: allkpop
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[NEWS] TVXQ Jaejoong declines IRIS offer?

TVXQ Jaejoong declines IRIS offer?

Did TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki's Jaejoong decline an offer to join the roster of the hit drama IRIS? Apparently so, according to some rumored reports.

Jaejoong recently showed off his acting prowess in the telecinema project Heaven's Postman and the people in charge of IRIS thought it would be a good idea to bring the top prince in Japan on board. The IRIS producers originally planned Jaejoong to appear in the final episode of season 1 (episode 20) and then have him as a full time member for Season 2.

However, for undisclosed reasons Jaejoong declined on the offer. I'm guessing it's because he's going to be very busy with his Japanese promotions with his TVXQ mates. Unfortunately, joining Jaejoong in declining a chance to appear on season 2 is the main star of IRIS Lee Byung Hyun as a second season of IRIS would conflict with his G.I. Joe 2 filming schedule. Even though Lee Byung Hun is reportedly earning near $100,000 per episode of IRIS, Hollywood has some deep pockets. It's pretty sad news for me personally... because to me, Lee Byung Hun is basically the whole show.
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[NEWS] 091123: TVXQ Back on TV

Korea’s popular idol group TVXQ, said today that it will resume its activities in Japan.

The group announced through its official homepage that it would be appearing on Nihon TV’s
“Best Hits Song Festival 2009” on Wednesday and Fuji TV’s “FNS Music Festival” on Dec. 2.

It will be TVXQ's first public appearance together since they performed at
the A-Nation Osaka concert on Aug. 30.

Meanwhile, the main office of Japanese state-run broadcaster NHK announced that,
carrying on their schedule from last year,
TVXQ would appear on the network's annual year-end variety show, Kohaku Uta Gassen.

Source: Joongang Daily News (A Korean News Paper Company)
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO] Other celebrities thought about the conflict between SM and DBSK

As the conflict between the 3 members of TVXQ and SM heightens, many celebrities of the entertainment industry have all agreed on one thing, no matter who is right or who is wrong, this is a regrettable issue. Therefore, the comeback for TVXQ early next year is really impossible.

Regarding this, many celebrities have expressed, “It’s a pity for such a talented group ; Worried that this excellent group will be gone just because of this.” A person from a marketing department for entertainment has said, “No matter what, we are really worried that such talented group might disband.” Even a Japanese entertainment producer has said, “TVXQ’s popularity is really huge in Japan, and we would normally compare them with our top Japanese groups.”

“Having the potential to be the top group in Asia, it’s such a misfortune that this had to happened.” Some have said, “It’s not easy to have such a wonderful group, this is not a simple issue of disbanding or continuation of a group, but a group that represents Korea, generally it’s an issue regarding the group that represents Asia.”

Source: OSEN + TVXQ-Yard
Translation: sshutingg @
Special Thanks: 'Lovedust @

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[TRANS] 091119 Korea Pretty Boygroups – DBSK Kim JaeJoong vs. SuJu Kim HeeChul

The most important factor for Korean boy bands to increase their popularity rapidly in China is that every single member of the group is handsome and charming. We can tell by all the popular Korean boy groups in China that every one of them are pretty boys, not losing to any of the pretty girls on the street. Of course before a group’s debut, the agency company would normally arrange the most charming member within the group to attract the public’s attention. The beauty of Kim JaeJoong from Dong Bang Shin Ki is unquestionable and the beauty of Kim HeeChul who is from the same agency company group Super Junior is also well-known for his pretty face.

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Kim JaeJoong
Nickname: Flower Flower (花花 = Hua Hua)

The first time you see him you’ll be visually shocked, and the effect stays the same for the second and forth. This is Kim JaeJoong, his beauty if cold yet irresistible and his coldness normally makes one feel unreachable; but once you get to know him you will get to see his warm hearted personality. He reached the height for his popularity based on his talent with his heavenly vocals and charming looks. Maybe JaeJoong was born as a beauty for the sake of the performing stage.

“Everyone might think I’m very confident with my own look because I had won the best-faced award, but that’s not true. If I’m asked to choose the past of me that I’m most confident of then it’ll have to be my eyebrows, and I have no confidence for the others. Talking about my road as a single, I was tone deaf way back during my high school time, and at that point of time I was really upset because I was said that I’m bad at singing, but this is the start of my success and as time goes by I started to enjoy singing and found the beauty of it!”

JaeJoong who was still tone deaf till ages 14 had worked hard for his dream with determination, and from a tone deaf to an angel who sings heavenly, together with Cassiopeia he had grown up realizing his dream.

Super Junior’s Kim HeeChul
Nickname: Cinderella, Princess of Mars

The beauty of Kim HeeChul is coquettish, he’s gentle like women and yet has the determination of a man, and therefore he has the ablity to attract both men and women. The first time seeing him is in the music video of ‘Twins’, a red headed person with big round eyes is enough to make one dumbstruck. “This kid is really pretty!” many people had said, but as time goes by it’s his personality, smart and his ability to eloquent well that attracts others attention.

From a certain point of view it can be said that the success of Super Junior is mainly because of Kim HeeChul and this is because he uses his ability to attract attention by his charming characteristic and soon put the focus onto the huge group of 13 members.

The beauty of Kim HeeChul had caused him to be a little obsessed with himself, but those people who are obsessed with themselves are usually adorable. On the popular Korean variety show ‘Star Golden Bell’, when ‘Princess’ was asking what the secret of his popularity was he said, “One’s look plays a big part to it, but there are many other points to it too, therefore don’t judge just on my looks only.”

Kim HeeChul is one of the precious few in Korea who are excelled in all areas, he can sing, dance, host, act and compose too. Especially the SBS drama ‘Golden Bride’ which he acted in had achieved an excellent rating of 32.2%. That drama had also received an award in China after it’s DVD release in China this year.

Source: Forex + WithTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @
Special thanks: 'jaebabyy @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[INFO] Jung Yong Hwa & Yoochun: Seeing Double?

Jung Yong Hwa & Yoochun

credit: allkpop

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[NEWS] Kim Heechul for NYLON

Sorry for this super duper very late posting,, ^^ I have exams in the last two week,,

Kim Heechul for NYLON

Super Junior member Kim Heechul showed off his skinny bod for fashion magazine NYLON and my dogs wouldn't stop trying to take a bite out of the screen. And being that they've grown up in a k-pop household, it seems they prefer the Korean bones over some good old American rawhide.

Anyway, after wiping off all the drool from my monitor and keyboard, I've managed to post these photos up for all you doggy bag rib loving girls to enjoy.

On a side note, Heechul is currently gaining popularity in the SBS drama "I love you a thousand times," in which he ate only tofu for 2 weeks to lose 8kg of weight. Wasn't he skinny enough already?

In regards to his acting career Heechul stated:

"I'm able to what I wanted to, acting, so I'm extremely happy."

In regards to what he'd like to achieve next year:
"I want to win a newcomers acting award."

The photo spread and interview will be released through the December issue of NYLON, ribs included.

Kim Heechul for NYLON

Kim Heechul for NYLON

credit: allkpop
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[NEWS] TVXQ Releases “Toki Wo Tomete”

Despite all the ups and downs the came with the TVXQ vs. SM Entertainment issue, the boys are doing what they can to help their fans keep the faith.

They have released another Japanese single titled Toki Wo Tomete. This lovely ballad was featured on a CF for the cosmetics brand Menard back in August.
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[NEWS] SM Entertainment to give TVXQ a new contract?

SM Entertainment CEO's Kim Young Min, who is involved in the ‘unfair contract’ dispute with his three members of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki, has recently announced a new contract policy, and that it will be put into action once it gets approved by the related authorities.

"Kim Young Min, who attended the press conference which was held on the 2nd of November 2009 at 63 Tower, has expressed, “We would collect all comments from music and entertainment industries, related government departments, cultural and tourism board, fair trade departments, educational circles and legislative bodies, based on the law to adjudicate a new contract policy. After the approval from the respective authorities, we would then put it into action. Then follow it (new contract policy) enthusiastically.”

Kim agreed, “If we are able to come out with a new exclusive contract policy based on the law, SM would like to re-contract with all current artistes based on it.”

Kim also expressed, “Under the new exclusive contract, from the moment it’s signed, it would be protected till the contract ended, if not the current situation would repeat over and over again in the future.”

“In order to prove what I have just said is nothing but the truth, we would first like to take the advice from the impartial committee,” he said.

But, everyone was not able to fully believe this announcement by SM Entertainment. Professor Lee from Korea Art University stated, “If SM do not wish to have what they have just said to turned into nothing, then they should assure them.” He continued, “Based on what SM have said, they do not wish to fully take on the advice from the impartial committee, but to forcefully come out with a new contract policy, which was questionable (their announcement).” Professor Lee ended, “If SM was really sincere about this, they should work on the new contract based on the advice and not vice versa, and then to get it approved by the representative authorities.”

We will have to see what the authorities in charge of the case do with this new contract. If the contract is fair in their judgment and if the boys will accept it, but this seems a bit promising.

credit: allkpop
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[NEWS] KBS2 Release Heaven’s Postman Preview

Heaven’s Postman (Postman to Heaven)
starring TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki's Jaejoong and Han Hyo-joo. Today, a longer preview (over 3 minutes) was released on KBS2.

The theatrical release date for this telecinema project is scheduled to be November 11th. It's also projected to air on SBS some time in 2010. Jaejoong himself is scheduled to attend a special preview and press conference on November 9th.

credit: allkpop
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[NEWS] Kim Heechul promoted online for Nemesis

Super Junior Kim Heechul has promoted online for the rock-band Nemesis’ comeback album after 4 years on his own cyworld.

Kim Heechul has set 9/14 songs in Nemesis’ 2nd album as his BGM on his cyworld as well as introduced those songs as “November’s songs”, thus showing his love toward the band. It’s surprising to know that Heechul did all of that not because he has some relationship with any member of the band, it’s because he himself is the rock-band’s fan.

It’s known that Kim Heechul was Nemesis’ fan since the band’s 1st album in 2005. At that time, Heechul had set the songs “베르사이유의 장미 (La Rose De Versailles)” and “솜사탕 (Cotton candy)” from their 1st album as his BGM on his cyworld. Heechul also helped the song “솜사탕 (Cotton candy)” to become popular by introducing it on his radio show “Young street”.

Nemesis’ leader Ha Sebin said “Kim Heechul had expressed that he was a fan of rock music before debut with Super Junior. We had seen the effect from Heechul’s promotion for our 1st album on his cyworld. After then, we just exchanged some note to ask how the other are, it’s quite pity that we didnt have time to be closer to each other. However, we feel very grateful because he values our music so much”

credit : makenyosh @CR
original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits
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[INFO] Super Junior as models for SPAO

Back in July, E. Land Group launched a clothing label named SPAO. They recruited SM Entertainment members Super Junior and SNSD / Girls' Generation to be the models for their clothing.

Recently photos of Super Junior modeling for this brand were released on Yesung's cyworld and you can check them out below. The photo with Siwon in a football helmet is pretty funny. Thanks to SJ World for sharing the photos.

credit: allkpop
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[NEWS] Lawsuit may lead to TVXQ split

By Ryu Seung-yoon

The possibility of Korea's top idol group TVXQ disbanding is increasing, after their agency sent an apparent ultimatum to three of the five-member boy band to return to the agency.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, SM Entertainment chief Kim Young-min accused the three members -- Xiah, Hero, and Micky -- of having sued against the company out of greed to make more money.

Kim was speaking about the ongoing legal battle between the three members and the company. The three band members claim the contract signed between TVXQ and the management agency is unfair.

Last month, a lower court sided with the three and ruled that parts of the contract should be invalidated, paving the way for them to resume individual music and advertisement careers.

The agency vowed to bring the case to a higher court, saying the three must follow the contract as long as they continue to be part of TVXQ, and should get paid according to the current contract.

The other two members -- U-know and Max -- rendered their support for the management agency's claim, expressing hope that the other three would return quickly.

In their statement, the two stressed that all members have worked under the same contract with SM Entertainment for the past five years.

"We believe that TVXQ would not have been in existence without SM Entertainment, which created the group. We are also not willing to resume our career as TVXQ without our current agency," the statement said.

In a related movement, SM Entertainment chief Kim made it clear that although the court granted freedom to the three members to pursue individual activities, they are allowed to work as TVXQ only under SM.

The company demanded that the three members reply to its request to return to the agency by Nov. 12.

But it is widely viewed that the three are unlikely to continue to work with the management agency due to deep distrust between the two sides.

credits: koreaherald
shared by: dirah93@soompi + dbsknights
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[NEWS] CreBeau speaks out on TVXQ Issue

CeaBeau speaks out on TVXQ Issue

It seems we finally have word from the company that seems to be tangled in this mess.

When the TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki controversy first began, the three members and their lawyers clearly stated that the three members’ investments in the CreBeau cosmetics line did not have any relevance to the court case. The core of the controversy was the legal issues of the slave contract. In SM Entertainment's opening statement, they stated that the lawsuit was because of the cosmetics issue.

To clear up the confusion, Kang Suk Won, the President of the Korean branch of CreBeau (Wishop Plus) was interviewed. Kang has already sued SME’s CEO Kim Young Min for slander to the Seoul Central Court on October 4th, 2009.

Kang said, “Although this case is obviously to fight the unfair profit splits and the conflict between the members and SME, SME is trying to push the blame onto CreBeau.”

Kang went on to reveal that the three members have only invested approximately 70,000 dollars, 60,000 dollars, and 40,000 dollars respectively. This amount, he said, was not enough to earn the three members rights to ownership of the business, let alone a big part of the profit.

Kang said, “In May 2009, some SME representatives visited the original branch of CreBeau Cosmetics in China twice. They determined that the members were not going against contract terms in any way, and now SME is distorting the true reason behind the case and putting out ridiculous claims... SME said that the whole lawsuit was due to the members’ wanting to continue a business that went against contract terms. This has no credibility in that SME has already approved of the investments previously. The members wouldn’t risk all the things that they gained as TVXQ by creating a conflict with their company over insignificant investments. It was a private investment, and the three have no ownership over the business in any way. They’re merely investors, nothing less, nothing more. What does this have to do with the lawsuit, and why is SME attempting to connect the two together?”

Kang went on to say that SME’s actions have brought about significant harm to the business not only in Korea, but all over Asia, including China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and even the United States. For the employees and CEOs all over the world, CreBeau is their sole income. SME should have considered the impact its blames would bring to the business and the people involved in it.

“If SME’s company and its profits are so important that they are willing to harm others for it, then SME should recognize that it is the same for others.” Kang went on to say that “If SME does not stop distorting the truth and doesn’t apologize for the harms it brought upon CreBeau, I will not hesitate to reveal the details of SME’s absurd act to the public and to the court.”

Source: Daum Media

credit: allkpop

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[NEWS] Shinhwa’s Andy speaks up about TVXQ issue

Shinhwa's Andy speaks up about TVXQ issue

Andy from the old school group Shinhwa and whom recently returned with Single Man shared his feelings and sympathy towards TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki.

If you didn't know, Shinhwa was formed by SM Entertainment back in 1998 and was one of the biggest groups in Kpop. They had a good run but they also had somewhat of a falling out with SM and left in 2003 to sign under Good Entertainment when their contract with SM was over. So Andy and Shinhwa in general should have good knowledge on what really goes on behind the scenes.

In an interview with AE Daily Andy stated, "I know what the TVXQ members are grieving over what has transpired recently. This is a real shame and I hope everything can be resolved in a manner in which neither TVXQ nor SM are hurt over this." When asked about the legal battle between the two parties he stated, "It's hard to choose a side and it's hard to determine who's right or wrong. I cannot give an opinion about it. However, I believe artists need to stand up on stage. I hope they don't lose their will and determination as artists. They should be thinking about their fans more than anything else."

Andy also recalled when Shinhwa as a group gathered to see TVXQ. He stated, "Back then, TVXQ were so cool and talented that it was frightening. To see them from that high point to the current situation that they're in is really sad. At that time I would've never imagined that this would've occurred."

Currently some members of Shinhwa are in the military while others are concentrating on solo activities. He closed the interview by stating, "When Shinhwa can regroup one day in the future, as one, we want to stand together with TVXQ on stage. I really want to see TVXQ come back again."

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[NEWS] Cassiopeia releases statement about SME’s allegations

Cassiopeia releases an official statement regarding SME's allegations

Members of the Korean Cassiopeia, TVXQ/DBSK's official fanclub, have released their official statement regarding SM Entertainment's press conference regarding legal dispute involving DBSK which took place yesterday. Here is the translated version of their statement:

We 800,000 Cassiopeians would like to announce our official view in this statement. With accusations and allegations flying everywhere, we announce this in order to show the fanclub's official standing on this matter. This statement is made by union of numerous DBSK fan cafes and we present this in the name of Cassiopeia.

First of all, we would like to say that, as fans of DBSK, we support DBSK and will not do anything to betray their trust in us. We will not trust anything besides words that come out of the DBSK members' mouths, and we ask SME to stop actions that are intended to confuse and divide the fans.

We Cassiopeians are very disappointed in SME for holding press conference and releasing signed documents in the name of Yunho and Changmin. As the management company of DBSK, SME must not forget their job and must stop their actions intended to defame the members of DBSK and break the group apart. Also, according the the court ruling made on the 27th, SME must not make deals with third parties in the name of the three members and cannot interfere with individual works or those members. Please keep the court's order.

To everyone who is reading this statement, please remember: the members did not take legal actions because of the issues regarding the cosmetics business. They started this lawsuit because of illegal contract length of 13 years. We fans do not understand why SME is silent about the issue of the contract length and is trying to focus everyone's attention on the cosmetics fiasco. The goal of this lawsuit was to nullify or edit contract between SME and the three members, and we believe that they did not intend to end DBSK or move onto another management company. Also, we would like to address to reporters who sensationalize and create rumours related to this press conference. Please be careful with your sources.

We would like to ask SME one more time to not make the three members' reputation and rights suffer with claims that have never been proven, and we would like to ask the citizens of Korea to stop creating rumours and defame DBSK. We would like to show our condolences toward this controversy.

As Cassiopeians, the fans of DBSK, we will keep our attention focused to the future actions of DBSK and SME. We will continue to side with DBSK. DBSK and fans never doubt.

-- November 2nd, 2009, Cassiopeia, the fanclub of DBSK

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[NEWS] TVXQ Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun’s Full Statements


We previously reported about Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun'sr eaction to SM Entertainment's press conference. The full interview and statements from the 3 TVXQ members have now been revealed. Both parties are now in a full on battle and have added yet another layer of complexity to this already complicated story.

Q: Yunho and Changmin are still with SME.

"That is very unfortunate. SME offers unacceptable conditions to their artists. It breaks our hearts to know that Yunho and Changmin are still there."

Q: You have partially won the trial. How do you feel about your victory?"
"We're more worried about how Yunho and Changmin would feel confused about the ruling. They must have thought that SME, a major entertainment company, would win."

Q: Yesterday, Yunho and Changmin showed their support for SME.
"They can't help but do such thing. They have to do something like that because they're with SME. We've done a lot of things we didn't want to do as well, because we were forced."

Q: How are you finding their decision?
"It'd be a lie if we didn't find it somewhat bitter. But we know that they have their own story, so we understand them."

Q: What do you plan on earning through this lawsuit?"
"All we want is to part from SME. The contracts were unfair, especially the length of 13 years. Division of profit was problematic as well. The three of us have yet to receive our share of income amounting up to couple hundred thousand dollars each."

Q: Some view the lawsuit as the end of DBSK?
"We do not want to cease working as or break apart from DBSK. We just want to end our relationship with SME."

Q: Are you in contact with Yunho or Changmin?
"We lost contact with them after we took legal actions. But we can assume why that would have happened."

Q: How do you plan on maintaining your relationship with those two members?
"If they have something that is holding them back from talking to us, then we will fight to change that. They will speak up when the time comes."

Q: So you are willing to stay together with two other members?
"When this whole thing is over, we will resolve our misunderstandings with the two. We will wait for that day."

Q: Any plans on working as three?
"We will not release an album or perform on stage until Yunho and Changmin comes back to us."

Q: Are you going to stay together until the end with the other members?
"We want to keep DBSK. The stage means something only when all five of us are on it. We are one. We will walk in the name of DBSK until the end."

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[NEWS] SuJu EunHyuk and 4Minute HyunA for Couple Dance With ‘My Ear’s Candy’

4Minute recently appeared at the filming of KBS NDrama ‘Super Junior’s Miracle’. The show is about giving mentor to strayed students. And for this latest filming, 4Minute has appeared on the show as Hope Messengers, and was greatly welcomed by Super Junior.

After introducing 4Minute as the group which “shows off all their charms in 4Minute“, they suggested a ‘happy virus dance party” and 4Minute member HyunA did a dance with EunHyuk on Baek Ji Young’s dance hit ‘My Ear’s Candy’.

Eun Hyuk also revealed the ‘boobiboobi dance’ during 2PM TaecYeon’s rap part of the song.

The show will be aired on 24th October at 8pm.

Source: Sookyeong

credit: minsarang@wp

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[NEWS] SM’s new statement about kangin

SM has released another statement saying kangin might not have any activities with super junior at least until the end of the year because fans are disappointed with him and he needs time to self discipline. however, they didn’t mention anything about super show 2.

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[PICT] The 1st Concert of Hope in Korea

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[NEWS] TVXQ The Secret Documentary Preview

TVXQ The Secret Documentary Preview

Last week, we reported that MBC's Star Documentary will air a documentary on TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki. The documentary is scheduled to air on October 23rd, but a preview for the documentary has been recently uploaded to the internet.

The preview only lasts around 23 seconds and shows them in their pre-debut and debut days. The documentary should cover it all, from their childhood, to their success in Japan, and also the recent controversies and lawsuit with SM Entertainment. Like previously mentioned, it should also contain interviews from the members themselves, teachers, close ones, trainees, composers, producers, etc. I'm sure Cassiopeia and Big East are both eager to watch the documentary

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[NEWS] Super Junior Kibum rocks a new hairstyle

Super Junior member Kim Kibum seems to be the one member that's always away, as he hasn't been around for most of Super Junior activities this year. Many people know that he actually debuted as an actor before joining Super Junior and in his heart of hearts, it seems acting is what he loves to do best.

There's an image floating around the internet, showing Kibum rocking a new long hairstyle. From this image, there's various rumors flying around that Kibum's hair is due to a new role in a rumored movie named Joo Moon Jin Chwal Young. When we have more information, we'll share them with you, for now you can view the photo below. Thanks to sujuelf for the tip.

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